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Welcome to Happy Transitions

Coaching & Resources to help families find strength & life & in loss.

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I'm Dr. Simone

An Ordained Metaphysical Minister & NLP Practitioner, finding the love in all stages of life.

I am known as The Self Esteem Doctor.  My work focuses on  teaching, nurturing, and enhancing the inner power we have to heal and thrive as human beings.  This profound work has led me to uncovering the Divine Source within each of us.

In life, we recognize this source as the "True Self" - the essence of oneness with the Divine. This essence is the "I am" that animates our physical bodies and is often the foundation of self-esteem work - which is why affirmations ("I am" statements) are the cornerstone of self-development.

There are many transitions in life, and I am here to help with many of them. Particularly with the final transition known as "death," where the body is no longer being utilized, but the spirit (the True Self or the "I am") lives on.


This spirit  within us is pure, loving, Divine energy that we should nurture and acknowledge in each other all throughout our lives and continue to love and connect with even after the "final transition."


Spiritual Rules of Love: How to stay connected to loved ones after they die

In our Signature Happy Transitions Coaching,
You Will Learn How To...


Allow yourself and your family to grieve the physical loss in a healthy way


Embrace the power of the "True-Self" in you, your family and the one who has transitioned (passed)


Find happiness in your healing journey with the power of the infinite, Divine Self

What People Say

You have no idea how much you've helped me. I feel ready to follow my instincts and go one step at a time.

Mrs. E, FL, USA

Other Services


Newborn & Family Blessing Ceremony

A spiritual blessing for newborn babies.  Speaking words of power, love, and positivity for new souls in the world. (Blessing is spiritual and not based on a specific religion).



Wedding Ceremonies

With a happy transitions wedding ceremony your love will be sealed with words of Divine Truth - as you are joined not just physically, but spiritually in this world and beyond.


Happy Transitions

(End of Life Inspiration)

Our signature service helps you transition from your familiar physical relationship with a loved one to establishing  a new and never-ending spiritual connection with them.

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'Happy Transitions' Resources in our online academy

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Contact The Self Esteem Doctor Offices for More Information   |   1-888-490-7484

or visit the website:

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